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P.P Savani International School, Surat


4th May - 14th May 2020

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Welcome to Synergy
Experience the joy of learning!

We help

students to build their academic and leadership backgrounds to get them accepted in world’s top universities...

through our

accelerated teaching methods.
We not only concentrate on getting to their goals but we emphasize and believe...

it's all about


What is Accelerated Learning?

Einstein believed that fun in learning is associated with faster learning to make major breakthroughs in education.
Leading physicist Feynman stressed that accelerated learning can be achieved
through the process of making learning simple.

and therefore
At Synergy we

Use fun and simple methodologies
Customize teaching for each student
Are supported by passionate
and inspired educators

Why Synergy?

We power your potential and amplify your strengths
We develop critical and creative
problem solvers
We promote leadership and
collaborative opportunities

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