Synergy Institute for Accelerated Learning has been the brain child of Ms. Seema Poddar and Dr. Bhattacharya . It has been founded with the dream to empower students to become compassionate contributors to the society. We wish to develop in our students the ability to think critically and creatively.  They further develop  problem solving strategies and skills to be able to work collaboratively and effectively with others. These learnings help students to build their academic and leadership backgrounds for them to get accepted in world’s top universities.

We nurture our students to explore the potential so as to boost their self confidence and morale in order to realize their dreams of knowledge and learning. 

Ms. Seema Poddar
  • Founder
    Business Partner at Edmission Consulting
  • M.A. (Philosophy)
  • M.E.M (Masters in Educational Management)
  • Executive Program in Leadership from IIM Calcutta
  • B.Ed, B.Com
Dr. Soumya Sri Bhattacharya
  • Co-Founder
  • PhD (Computer Science) IIT Mumbai
  • M. Tech (Computer Science)
  • B.Sc (Maths)
  • B.Sc (Computer Science)

Our Vision
To help in the creation of next generation leaders that will steer the growth and prosperity of our globe.

Our MissionTo work towards the overall development of our students by strengthening their academics and helping them build their profile by providing quality education of International standard.