Accelerated Math and Physics

Conceptual Understanding
It helps to understand the evolution and development of almost every area of Mathematics and Physics.The program helps reasoning the fate of acquired human knowledge in these areas and understand how these have revolutionised our understanding of the universe along with our living.

Academic Excellence
This program will provide a strong foundation for IB and equivalent senior secondary curriculum. It provides assistance for various secondary and higher secondary level tests, competitive exams, additional courses of international recognition. Further we help develop the ability to pursue independent research.

From Grade 7

Accelerated BioChem

Conceptual Understanding
The students understand the basic concepts and principles of BioChem and their applications in closely-related fields. They investigate the living world at all levels using many different approaches and techniques. They also understand and apply the scientific techniques used to define biological principles.

Academic Excellence
This program provides a meaningful foundation for further study and helps to develop students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes in sciences. The program prepares students for careers in academic and research (medical and pharmaceutical), as managers, in scientific consultancy for a range of companies, Govt. and Non-Govt. Organization, in teaching, in fieldwork and journalism.

From Grade 8

Orientation for STEM

The Orientation program for STEM, students set bigger goals for themselves and do things they never thought possible. They test and push themselves in a familiar setting while gaining confidence, developing good study habits, and enjoying a great learning experience.

Subjects offered:
Single Variable
Calculus I, II
Multi Variable
Calculus I, II
Mechanics I, II

From Grade 9

University Readiness

Our course features are designed around the students’ needs. They experience the joy of learning in a stress free atmosphere, giving them the confidence to excel. Prepare for success in college with this college readiness course. Review math, writing, and reading comprehension skills that students will use in their college coursework.

This program develops:
Critical Thinking
Research Strategies
University Calculus
University Statistics

After Grade 10

Pre IB Diploma

Delivered by experienced IB teachers from top IB schools, our classes help students to reach the required starting level, whatever their education background. The Pre-IB Diploma Course will provide students with a head start in their IB Diploma journey by delivering best IB-compliant practices in content, teaching styles and techniques.

Familiarize students with:
- Essential work habits to succeed in IBDP
- Investigative approaches
- Internal assessment criteria and format
- Use of a graphic display calculator

3 week program after Grade 10

Youth Leadership

Community Service / Personal  Project
Students will work on a project that revolves around a challenge that motivates and interests them. They will be involved in producing personal and often creative product/outcome to demonstrate a consolidation of their learning.

Interactive Leadership Workshops
Students will learn to harness their leadership strengths to effectively motivate and communicate with others.

Guest Speakers
Meet with community leaders, businessmen, professionals, and high achievers.

From Grade 8

Profile Building

The ever increasing trend of getting good marks in high schools, calls for a more creative method of evaluation by colleges to select students who are ‘better than the best’. A student with an impressive profile has much more chances of getting into the college of his/her own choice. It is not something that can be achieved overnight. It takes time, hence the early you start, and greater are your chances of going to your dream college.

From Grade 8

Summer School

At Synergy students will enjoy a wide range of enrichment activities and events to further their academic studies and cultural experiences. We offer a broad set of courses across a variety of different disciplines, taught by leading scholars in their fields.The summer program will help young minds in discovering their creativity and imagination through the combination of Academic programs and fun engaging activities. 

- Developing life skills
- Reinforcement of Academic concepts
- Developing knowledge and skills for future 
- Fun stimulating environment

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3 week program after Grade 8

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