Synergy in association with Edmission - India’s Leading Education Counselors helps students in their academic journey by strategic planning, amplifying their strengths, personal essays, and zeroing in on the best fit of university and the course.

The whole process of university admissions is extremely intricate, that requires expert guidance to pursue their cherished dreams. Mr Pranav Doshi founder and CEO of Edmission have been in business for over 18 years. He established Edmission to provide holistic guidance and empower applicants to make informed choices about studying abroad. 

We have counseled more than twenty-five thousand students from almost all the cities in India and over twenty-nine different countries like UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and many more.


Career Indicator Test

  • Psychometric tests
  • Team of experts 
  • Career Counsellors and Psychologists
  • Informed decisions
  • Education and career planning

Profile Development

  • Build strong student profile 
  • Tailor made to present the case in best manner 
  • Essay editing service
  • Resume building
  • Personal profile building

High School Education

  • Selecting the right school
  • Help in making an informed decision 
  • Ideal environment for education
  • Cultural and social adaptations
  • Research on best high school with
  • Planning and guiding students for applications 
  • Visa guidance

Undergraduate Education

  • Profile development
  • Researching and selecting the right university
  • Selection of program
  • Selection of major subject
  • Rankings, Application Deadlines
  • Test requirements
  • Costs and financial planning
  • Grades and profile evaluation
  • Scholarship assistance
  • Essay editting
  • Transcripts
  • Filling application forms
  • Financial Certification
  • Visa guidance

Masters Education

  • Researching the right university / program / majors
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Recommendation Letters / Transcripts
  • Application Form / Financial Certification
  • Costs and financial planning
  • Grades and profile evaluation
  • Scholarship assistance
  • Visa guidance

Visa Guidance

Help with documentation for obtaining visas to the country you wish to pursue your education.

We have advised over 25,000 students in the last 17 years and these are a few of the institutions that our students have gone to...