"Synergy is a temple for me. It is a place of reality of my dreams of making young curious minds. The common streak that I want my children to have is curiosity, innovativeness, creativity and taking the world from a point of view like they have never done before."

Senior Maths and Physics Faculty

"Synergy is a tremendous platform to get a deeper understanding about stuff I’m passionate about and get exposed to a world that is beyond the school classes. My journey with Synergy has truly been exceptional."

Aditya - DP Student

"Synergy stands out because of its teaching methodology, individual need gap analysis and personal attention. Educators are more like mentors and they go beyond their scope of work."

Rajeev Chakrabarti - Parent

"Synergy has exposed me to a different way of learning. It has allowed me to observe and understand real life situations in a much deeper manner whether it be mathematically or generally. It has been greatly helpful and I am excited to learn more."

Arjun - MYP Student

"Synergy is an institution where passionate intelligent minds have come together to create future responsible conscientious and successful individuals through exploring one’s potential, specifically the Accelerated Learning Programs."

Sudha Wariar - Parent

"Synergy came across as a platform that helped me develop my math and physics knowledge, completely changing the way I look at the world around me. Increasing my curiosity and normal developing my critical thinking skills, Synergy as an institution has indeed accelerated my learning."

Atharva - MYP Student

"When I left JEE prep, I absolutely hated physics as a subject. After joining Synergy and meeting Soumya sir, my view towards physics absolutely changed. It is now my core subject and I wish to pursue a career in it. With his help I have also carried out research and qualified for a national level Innovation and social entrepreneurship competition. His way of teaching physics can turn any and every kids vision with respect to math and physics."

Armaan - DP Student

"Helped in settling my daughter from a different curriculum with subject choices, expectations and performance with combined effort from the Synergy. Infectious way of influencing concepts commitment of faculty critical thinking clear distinct trait, brings a different perspective of thinking which we as parents couldn't instill different style of thinking."

Mrs. Chakravarti - Parent

"Synergy Institute is an amalgamation of experience and passion to shape future skills and expertise. We collaborate to create thinkers and apperceptive Individuals. The common streak in our students is being mindful and conscientious."

Ms. Minu - English Faculty

"Synergy has given me an atmosphere where I have been exposed to a totally different perspective. Synergy’s staff and facility is truly amazing and has helped me with more than I can even ask for. It has been a great experience and opportunity to learn with Synergy."

Trishit - IGCSE Student

"Synergy is a dedicated developing organization to provide excellence in education and believes in cognitive development."

Ms. Neerja S - Science Faculty

"It is a rare place which provides quality education by subject experts to the students who wish to leave their mark in the 21st century. The common streak amongst our students that they should able to set a benchmark and excite others to perform well."

Siddesh Sir - Science Faculty

"Synergy focuses on holistic approach and skill development. We are able to clear our scientific concepts, come home stronger with a better understanding of the world around us. No reference to text books, we not only focus on “What” also understand “Why” and “Why not”. We develop a scientific and critical mindset which helps us to create a story ground for take off!"

Pihu and Ahana - MYP Students

"We learn to explore multiple alternatives to solve a problem. Focus and understand the problem before arriving at a solution.Understand the inter-relations between sciences and extend our knowledge. We learn to bridge the gap and helped me clear lot of concepts. Synergy has helped me reduce my exam anxiety."

Dayita and Noella - IGCSE Students

"It is a rare place which provides quality education by subject experts to the students who wish to leave their mark in the 21st century. The common streak amongst our students that they should able to set a benchmark and excite others to perform well."

Adeetya - ICSE Student

"The faculty has complete faith in my kid and he can open my heart to discuss any problems. My kid considers Synergy is my second home and he has developed an interest in Maths and Physics and is exploring his potential."

Payal - Parent

"Has created commitment and passion in my child to learn more other than school curriculum. He is always pepped up to go for the class. When he is back home, he continues to work on the subject and doesn’t want to lose momentum. Synergy has some great mentors who have complete faith in the kids."

Amit Ghatnekar - Parent

"The faculty have a connection for the students like they are their own children. Grateful and fortunate to have Synergy teachers."

Rashmi - Parent

"Very rare to find these passionate educators. IB being a tough curriculum, the children don’t have time to develop their interests out of school. Synergy provides a forum to query their knowledge and understanding in a fun way. My son comes home with a sparkle in his eyes and my son has developed a passion for the subject. The discussions are totally out of syllabus and it prepares the child to apply the concepts in the future, contribute to society, prepare a research paper and develop a working model to reinforce the learning."

Sundaram Padmanabhan - Parent

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